Deploy Accountants on

hourly basis.

On Call Accountant Features


OnCallAccountant offers services befitting to your time and budget.


OnCallAccountant brings accuracy with consistency to your books & taxes.

Cost Effective

OnCallAccountant works purely on productivity-based standardized tariffs.


OnCallAccountant signs Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality.

Avail FREE consultancy worth Rs. 4000 and get FREE Checklist Report (FCR) on your accounts and taxation!

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Step 1

The Lead Accountant will visit the organization to assess the need and draw up a time-frame along with a number of personnel to be deployed.

Step 2

The Lead Accountant will give the ballpark estimation to start the assignment along with FREE Consultancy and Genuine Guidance.

Step 3

The assignment will commence immediately on the receipt of 50% advance of the estimate. (In case of corporate training, 100% advance).

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